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We make digitization usable
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Großer Saal


Großer Saal Stadthalle Reutlingen

Stadthalle Reutlingen Ensures Innovation:

Committed to Moving Forward

Fulfilling a regional and cultural function, Stadthalle Reutlingen breathes new life into the conference and event scene south of Stuttgart, state capital of Baden-Wuerttemberg. We offer a comprehensive scope of rooms and halls: at the heart, there is the Großer Saal, which provides seating to some 1,700 guests and comes with a moveable i.e. adjustable hall floor. Furthermore, it boasts a moveable stage platform and impressive acoustics – as does the smaller, size-adjustable Kleiner Saal. Further 14 air-conditioned function rooms bathed in daylight, and several foyers round off the room portfolio.

Ambience and High-Tech Go Together Well

Besides a well-balanced interior design based predominantly on the use of high grade materials, our rooms and halls are also equipped with high quality communication and presentation technology. Our 10 GBit/s optical fiber connection provides maximum ease of transmission. Please also note our close cooperation with the Reutlingen city Marketing Association – which enables us to procure hotel rooms and organize exclusive supporting programs as „one-stop services“.