Stadthalle Reutlingen proudly introduces itself: young and green

We’re a young institution at Stadthalle Reutlingen, having opened our doors to host events in January 2013 for the first time – and now we’re about to welcome our 300,000th visitor since starting operations. Also, we’re quite green and proud of it! We are the first and only city event hall in Germany where fully carbon neutral events are held.

Whether it’s a conference or a celebration, in Stadthalle Reutlingen you may do it the climate-conscious way – enjoy full functionality and comfort while ensuring sustainability through our comprehensive environmental concept, ranging from cisterns to green electricity and energy efficiency. Welcome at Stadthalle Reutlingen!

Team of Stadthalle Reutlingen

We follow clear principles: working in a sustainable, fair manner

Stadthalle Reutlingen supports the industry initiative „fairpflichtet“. With our statement of adherence to the German-language event industry’s Sustainability Code, we recognize our responsibility as a business to ensure sustainability in organizing events, and to act sustainably as regards business, ecology and social aspects alike.

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Growing Steadily: Holding a Green Globe Certification

Through certification according to the stringent Green Globe seal of quality in international travel and tourism industry, we are also achieving ever-increasing improvements in energy efficiency, climate protection and process organization – based on the three pillars of environmentally friendly practices, social responsibility and economic profitability.

For more details please see Green Globe Germany

Stadthalle Reutlingen Is No. 1 Among Clients and Colleagues: Awarding Excellence

Every year in late summer, conference and event heavyweights from all over Germany convene to an award meeting to determine the 250 best organizations within the industry. No. 1 prize in the „Event Locations“ category, „Top Conference And Event Locations 2014“ was awarded to: Stadthalle Reutlingen.

This is particularly gratifying since the award is granted not only by hotel and event specialists themselves – they merely nominate the 250 best addresses for conferencing, conventions & event –, but also by the clients of those individual organizations through individual voting online or by ballot. This makes winning a double achievement: gaining top approval from experts and promoters alike!

Stadthalle Reutlingen has good, solid roots

Stadthalle Reutlingen GmbH is responsible for renting, marketing and administration of Stadthalle. Our team is the perfect partner for all issues revolving around the hall, from A as in Arrival to Z as in Zoom – quite simply for events in Reutlingen that set new standards of attractiveness and professionalism.

Our GmbH (German limited liability company) is a 100% subsidiary of Reutlingen city, with Barbara Bosch, city mayor of Reutlingen, acting as the chairperson of the board. We regard ourselves as integral part of cultural and societal life in Reutlingen and fulfill a trailblazing role in Stuttgart metropolitan region: our equilibrium fuses sustainability with high-tech in an innovative, attractive way. To this end we maintain and value communications with all stakeholders. Being close, deeply immersed and fully committed – that’s how we do things!