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Every event is different – but all should turn out perfect. We at Stadthalle Reutlingen have got the right catering provider for you: Rauschenberger Gastronomie is exclusive catering partner of Stadthalle Reutlingen.

Rauschenberger Gastronomie was founded in 1982 and counts among the leading service providers of the industry in southern Germany. The group currently employs some 200 staff and, in Stuttgart, operates the three restaurants Cube Restaurant, Pier 51 Restaurant & Cocktailbar and Goldberg Restaurant & Winelounge, among others, as well as a renowned nationwide catering service.

Their scope of activities is huge: Rauschenberger Gastronomie provides the full range from gourmet cuisine to down-to-earth food at Stadthalle Reutlingen.

In all this variety, several common basic principles remain unchallenged. It’s the love of their profession that connects the chiefs, a careful selection of ingredients as well as the consistent urge to bring dishes to perfection, reinterpret them and present them in a creative manner. This holds true at all price levels.

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